Kempston Challenger Academy | Who’s Who?
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Who’s Who?

Please click below to view a copy of our staff list.

Surname Initial Subject /Role(s)
Allison S  
Barnard  S  
Bateman K Executive Principal Kempston Federation
Begum A  
Bhaker S  
Buck A DT Hard
Carr J School Business & Operations Manager
Church J Learning Hub Support,Careers & Work Experience Co-Ordinator 
Coakley G  
Coakley K Art
Coman D  
Craddock A Deputy Headteacher,Inclusion,Curriculum 
Davis M Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form
DiCarlo R  
Dix G  
Earl D  
Earl R  
Fisk J  
Fordham G PE, Head of Year 11
Foster S  
Fuller S  
Gingell L Safeguarding and Inclusion Officer
Gray H  
Green  T  
Gregory E Science
Guest M Head of Year 8
Gwinyai P  
Haire K SENCo
Hasan S Aspen Centre Manager
Hawking D  
Holyoake N Head of Learning Year 9
Humphries K Head of Learning Year 10
Jeavons A  
Jones C MFL
King D Assistant Headteacher,Behaviour
King S  
Lawrence N  
Loveridge P  
Mahi G  
Mascello L  
May M Head of School
McNally J  
Miotk J  
Moffat J  
Molyneux K  
Mosseveld C Executive Headteacher – Head of Aspen Centre
Murray S English,Media
Nunn N  
Rathore V  
Richardson E  
Rushton  M Maths
Sagnia S Humanities
Saralli J  
Sohal K  
Suberwal Ram R  
Taylor R  
Taylor E Head of Business/ICT
Thomas M  
Tompkins  I Head of Learning Year 7
Tyler J DT Soft
Walkden R  
Walls J Performing Arts
White N  
Wisson S  
Woods P  
Wright B Exams Officer
  • T: 01234 290900
  • E:
  • A: Hill Rise, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7EB