Kempston Challenger Academy | The Aspen Centre
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The Aspen Centre

The Aspen Centre is a brand new provision designed to support children and young people with social, emotional and mental health issues and/or barriers to learning. There are currently 14 places for children aged 9-13 in the local area.

There are a team of specialists (including a trained social worker) at the centre who work with families and other agencies to support children’s learning. The provision also includes programmes with other agencies and experienced providers in the local area who provide support, activities and qualifications for children and young people.

The KCA campus is a multi site provision that also includes the Ridgeway Special School and Children’s Centre. As an inclusive trust, CMAT will be developing new programmes to support older students  at Aspen and will be developing partnerships with these providers to ensure we meet the needs of all our learners.



T: 01234 290900