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SMSC Curriculum


Statement on Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural (SMSC) and British Values/Promoting Britishness


At KCA we feel SMSC is built into the very fabric of who we are as a school community.

All curriculum areas have a contribution to a child’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and opportunities for this are audited, evaluated and monitored.

We pride ourselves on having an array of events and activities that meet SMSC criteria. These are tracked as part of a wider school audit evidence base.

Tutor time now includes a once-a-week SMSC theme with activities on topical topics that are relevant to the students’ lives.

With Ofsted guidelines on the need for schools to promote British Values, we are monitoring activities such as the assembly and tutor time programme, as well as the faculty and wider school auditing to ensure that this is being met.

For the full statement please download the PDF below.

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Statement

SMSC Pastoral map

SMSC Overview

SMSC Academy Map