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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium at KCA

Pupil Premium Funding & Principles

In deciding how best to support students through Pupil Premium funding, we will be guided by our statement of intent below:

Our intent is to ensure that all students, regardless of background or prior attainment, are enabled to succeed and attain the grades/levels they need to successfully move onto the next stage of their education, work, or training. Through regular reviews of our provision, bespoke audits and working collaboratively e.g., within Challenge Partners, we aim to identify the aspects of our implementation that will best support the needs of all students with a particular focus on disadvantage.

We intend to ensure that student well-being, mental and physical health is addressed alongside a commitment to providing a strong academic curriculum which challenges and inspires all students.

We intend to ensure that there is sustainable equity as well as equality by recognising that each student has a different circumstance and by allocating the exact resources and opportunities needed so that all students can reach an equal outcome.

 We intend to ensure that we drive our intent through our 4 key areas; aspiration, nurture, collaboration, and success so that the strategies we outline are embedded in all practice for all students. 

Pupil Premium 2021 Kempston Academy and Aspen

Pupil premium 3 year strategy plan