Kempston Challenger Academy | Remote learning in January
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Remote learning in January

Remote learning in January

Dear Parent/Carers

Remote learning in January

You will no doubt have seen in the news the Government’s announcement that the opportunity for Covid testing in secondary schools from January for students who may be a close contact to a positive case. To support in the organisation and training required for this, the Government has advised that students in Years 7, 8, 9, and 12 are educated at home from the 5th-8th January using high quality online work. They will return to school from the 11th of January.

KCA will provide continuity of education in the following ways: 

  1. a) Regular direct instruction from teaching teachers, with the ability of students to ask questions online via Google Classroom. 
  2. b) The setting of work that students complete, written responses (if relevant) completed electronically. 
  3. c) The assessment of specific assignments that are submitted to teachers electronically and on which feedback is provided. 


Subject areas will provide work broadly in line with students’ timetables through Google Classroom. Tasks will be set in accordance with existing schemes of work, and tasks will be designed to allow students to progress through schemes of work at the same pace as if they were in school, where possible. Teachers will set tasks through on Google Classroom or other sources and this information can be found on a subject by subject basis.  A summary of the work planned for each subject from 4th January to the 12th of February can be found here:

The work planned for each subject show the amount of time the work should take across the week both remote teaching and independent work. Academic subject areas may also arrange for teachers to deliver content in a ‘live’ manner (either by text or audio and/or visual means). Links to the ‘live’ sessions are found on each subject page of your child’s Google Classroom. Live sessions can be particularly helpful as staff and students have the opportunity to communicate, with students able to respond to teachers’ questions (and ask them) via the chat box in Google Meet. If your child cannot attend the ‘live’ lesson please return to the link above to see the remote learning set. Where possible students should follow their normal timetable.

Providing timely and helpful feedback is a cornerstone of good teaching and learning, and whilst this may be more challenging with remote learning, teachers will endeavor to provide regular feedback to students on pieces of work that they are required to submit, following the existing assessment policy regarding frequency of assessment. Under normal circumstances, not all pieces of work are formally assessed by teachers and will continue to be the case should the in remote learning circumstances. Assessed work will be set using Google Classroom & other sites, regardless of how students’ work is eventually submitted, with clear due dates given to students for completion, thereby helping students to organise their time. All subjects have identified how they will feedback to students on the subject pages in the remote learning website.

Assuming that a student is healthy and well enough to work, students will be expected to participate as fully as possible in the remote learning process, attending relevant live sessions, completing independent work, and submitting assessed tasks promptly and to the best of their ability. Students will also be expected to read and respond to communication from the school (e.g. an email from a form tutor) on a regular basis. The work set on the remote learning website is created to ensure that students can complete their learning in the circumstances of group or individual remote learning cases. To support parents and carers with monitoring the learning of their child as a guardian you can get weekly summaries about your child’s activity in google classroom. If you are not currently receiving these updates please contact your child’s Head of Learning with your preferred email address to receive an email invite.

We recognise that some pupils, for example some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. We acknowledge the difficulties this may place on families, and we will work with parents and carers to support those pupils. In addition, the SENDCO with the support of TAs will maintain contact with pupils on their lists requiring regular support, by email or phone with parents/pupils and feedback to teachers if required.

From 11th January parents and carers will be Parentmailed the names of any staff who are unable to deliver sessions to any student who are working at home. For all other teachers, they will be available at the start of scheduled lessons and will set out the scheme of learning and feedback for that lesson.

If any parent or student has a problem accessing online learning then they can contact the IT helpdesk on or if paper resources are required email

For students in Years 10, 11 and 13 they should return to normal on the 5th January and will follow their normal timetables. In addition, KCA is able to offer provision for Keyworker’s children and those with support plans. Please contact Mr King if you wish to use the Keyworker provision from the 5th of January and your child is in Year 7,8,9,or 12 at the above email address. 

Parents will receive a detailed summary of testing arrangements early next week. 

The Covid crisis is posing huge challenges to us all, but I am confident that by working together we will ensure the success and safety of our students. Please have a restful Christmas break and I look forward the full return of the KCA family in 2021.

Matthew J May