Kempston Challenger Academy | Letter to Parents, Parental update re closure of all schools due to Coronavirus.
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Letter to Parents, Parental update re closure of all schools due to Coronavirus.

Letter to Parents, Parental update re closure of all schools due to Coronavirus.

To: All KCA parents and carers


Dear Parent/Carer

Parental update re closure of all schools due to Coronavirus.

You will have seen the latest announcements from the Government regarding some loosening of the restrictions of lockdown and I thought I would offer you some information on how these may affect your child, plus also letting you know other items of KCA news.

Years 7-9 – From what the Prime Minster has said, it would seem that there is no likelihood that students in Years 7-9 will be coming back to school until September at the earliest. Whilst you will no doubt be worried about the impact you feel this may have, I can assure you that KCA will work as hard as it has been to ensure that online materials are available on a regular basis and that support is available to any student who feels they will need it. Tutors, as ever, are available to yourself to discuss any query or worry that you may have.

Years 10 and 12 – The Prime Minister stated on Sunday that students who will face exams next academic year, ie current Years 10 and 12, will ‘have some time with their teachers before the summer holidays.’ Clearly, we do not know when this is likely to start and how long it will be, but I can assure you that plans are being developed for this. KCA will work to ensure that there are safeguards in place to ensure that social distancing continues and that measures to alleviate any spread of the virus are considered and put in place. Once we know more about the return of these year groups I will contact parents of Year 10 and 12 students will a plan to move forward, but we are keen to organise some face to face meetings very soon in June to support the transition into these students’ exam year.

‘Falling behind’ –  Parents have understandably felt during the school closure a feeling that their child is ‘falling behind’ because the school is closed. This is an understandable feeling but one that can be lessened if the student is encouraged to do the work which teachers have set for them. However, rest assured that we have been planning for the student’s return since the first day of closure and once we are back we’ll ensure that any time lost will be made up for and the upward path of achievement that students were on will be resumed.

In the meantime, staff will continue to set not only subject based work on Google Classroom but also projects, competitions, fun activities and things which will allow students to show their Character skills. Staff are developing the ways they interact with students and have already had Google Meetings and phone calls, all done whilst staff themselves juggle work, home schooling and being in lockdown.

Welfare – Understandably with the present pandemic the mental health of people may have been challenged. KCA prides itself on standing shoulder to shoulder with its families and their children and now is no different; If you are in need of any support then please speak to us and we will do all we can to help. This includes providing learning materials, counselling support or just a listening ear – we are the ‘KCA Family’ and you are part of that.


All of us in the KCA Family look forward to seeing each other again soon, but only if the environment is a safe one. Hopefully that will be soon, until then, take care.


Matthew J. May