Kempston Challenger Academy | Academy Ethos, Aims & Values
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Academy Ethos, Aims & Values

Here at KCA we are very proud of the fact that we serve the local community and our vision is to create a school that everyone is proud of and one which inspires individuals , enables success and provides opportunities for all. We are in the business of giving students the qualifications, skills and experiences necessary to take charge of their own destinies. For some of our students this means sending them off to some of the top universities in the country while for others it will be to secure a high quality apprenticeship or to go off to college to follow vocational qualifications leading to employment. The school’s ambitions and expectations for all its students are the same, regardless of background, prior achievements or ambition – we will challenge, support and develop all our students to excel. We do not accept excuses and will ensure that all barriers to learning are removed or overcome.

We believe teaching children to understand they can do it is the first step to success. We expect children to commit to caring about themselves and their future and we will always encourage them to aim higher.