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Welcome to Kempston Challenger Academy.


COVID-19 Testing consent

Please click HERE to find links to the COVID-19 Testing consent form and other COVID related information resources.


The testing schedule for this week is as follows ;-

Year 7


Date a.m. p.m.
Friday 5th March 9am     7 CJO 1pm 7 SAL
  10am  7 JWA 2pm  7 ESM
  11am   7DCO  


Year 8

Date a.m. p.m.
Thursday 4th March 9am     8 DAL 1pm 8 JOM
  10am   8 HGR 2pm  8 SBH
  11am   8 TGR  


Year 9 and Year 10

Date a.m. p.m.
Weds 3rd March 9am     9 CRB 1pm 10 AMB
  10am  9 RWA 2pm  10 CCH
  11am   9 RTA 3pm  10 RSR


Year 11

Date a.m.  
Tuesday 2nd March 9am     11 MRU  
  10am  11 SMU  
  11am   11 EGR  



Years 12 and 13

Date a.m. p.m
Tuesday 2nd March   1pm  Year 12
    2pm  Year 13



For all tests, students are to enter school by the main (front) gate and make their way to the Main Hall. Staff will then take them through the process. Once completed, students will return home and families will only be contacted if there is an issue with the test result, (i.e. faulty, incomplete or a Positive case.) Unless families hear from school staff, it is safe to believe that test results were Negative.

Should any student experience worry, or struggle to complete the test, then trained staff are on hand to help.

All students should be wearing face masks and observe the standard Covid prevention measures eg social distancing and sanitisation.


We will write to you in the next few days regarding the testing process once all students return on the 8th March.


If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to get in touch.


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