Sixth Form

Sixth Form Leadership Team 2017


Cameron Bhimsingh                                                          Kaitlin Thomson                                                              Pallavi Sahonte

Senior Director                                                               Senior Director                                                            Senior Director



Amy Pickering                                                                Shannon Bains

Responsibility – Extra Curriculum                             Responsibility – Mentoring and Homework


Sixth Form Staff

Head of Sixth Form – Mrs Davis
Deputy Head of Sixth Form – Miss Fuller
Sixth Form Manager – Mrs Miles

Why study in the Sixth Form?

  • £££ – increase your earning potential;
  • A Levels and subsequent degree qualifications can add thousands of pounds to your lifetime earnings;
  • specialise, study in depth subjects you have a passion for;
  • springboard for your career;
  • develop independent learning skills;
  • learn more about yourself;
  • challenge yourself.

Why Kempston Challenger Academy?

  • students in Year 12 can study 3 or 4 subjects and in Year 13 students work towards 3 A Levels;
  • we have taught you for 3 years; we know what works for you and how to help you achieve your full potential in the Sixth Form;
  • Ofsted Inspectors: ‘broad curriculum’ – we offer exciting courses at levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • track record of achievement; every year students leave here with the qualifications they need to go to university, into employment or further training;
  • ICT facilities to access in your non-contact lessons;
  • quiet study area to allow completion of your work;
  • opportunities to become leaders in the community;
  • enrichment programme to develop your wider skills; classroom assistant, peer mentoring (Years 10 and 11), Sports Leader qualification.