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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium at KCA

Pupil Premium Funding & Principles

The Government believes that the Pupil Premium funding is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their wealthier peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches pupils who need it most. The Kempston Challenger Academy was allocated £265,554 in Pupil Premium funding for the academic year 2016/17. The current level of funding is still being ascertained but will follow the following principles;-


  • For each student currently eligible for free school meals or who have been in receipt within the last 6 years (Ever 6), the Academy will receive £935.
  • For service children or families in receipt of an Armed Forces pension, the Academy will receive £300.
  • For children who are looked after in care, the Academy will receive £1900.

Barriers to Learning:

Pupil Premium students attending The Kempston Challenger Academy, in common with the national picture, present with a wide range of barriers to learning; however, the principal barriers that the Academy uses the Pupil Premium funding to target for improvement are:

  • attainment in English language and Mathematics
  • literacy skills
  • personalising the curriculum offer to ensure that it is inclusive
  • attendance and punctuality
  • valuing education and making the explicit links to the world of work, training and further study
  • personal, social and life-skills education

PP Spend 2016-17

Total Expenditure                                                                                                                                                     265,554

Total Income                                                                                                                                                         262,927.50

Overspend                                                                                                                                                                  2,626.50

Impact of 2016-17 spending

Counsellor – Worked with nearly 50 students and supported with issues such as anxiety, exam stress, bereavement, eating disorders, low self esteem and confidence.

Bedford College – used as an alternative curriculum for those who were struggling with mainstream lessons – will not be repeated in 2017-18 due to Progress 8 measures and additional support.

Safeguarding Officer – supported a variety of students with CP issues and enabled them to complete courses/exams.

Learning Hub/Engagement Hub staff – provided targeted support for about 20 students, nine of whom on a daily basis, five full time. Enabled these students to attend school, gain support, ease anxiety and work towards exam courses.

Careers advice – Enabled students to attend the November skills show and receive targeted careers advice.

Attendance Officer – 2016-17 attendance 1.4% higher than in 2015-16

Year 10 Work Experience – enabled 19 Year 10 PP students to attend Work Experience.

Student Support – Staff in SS provided a ‘one stop shop’ for students and staff following incidents, CP problems and inter student social issues.

Morning intervention – contributed to ‘closing the gap’ to -0.08.

Thinking reading/Accelerated reader – KS2 reading levels rose from 2016/17. EAL achievement was the highest in the school.

ECDL – contributed to whole school Progress 8 figures.

Planned Usage of Pupil Premium in 2017-18:

The Kempston Challenger Academy is likely to be allocated c. £202,895 Pupil Premium funding for the academic year 2017/18 in addition to the main school budget. The strategies that will be continued this year are given below:

Item/Project Expenditure
School Councillor 20,000
Safeguarding Officer 25,000
Engagement Hub manager 28,232
Engagement Hub staff  
Careers Information and Guidance 10,000
Attendance Officer 10,000
Work Experience  2,500
Student Support 28,000
Sundry items including uniform, cooking ingredients, IT, incentives  4,500
Morning Intervention by TAs (Eng and Ma) 17,000
‘Thinking Reading’ programme  7,000
NAPTA membership and training     675
Reward breakfasts     400
Group incentives eg MK Dons coaching     588
Teaching assistants (Aspen) 30,000
1:1 tutor for Maths 22,000
Total Expenditure 205,895
Total Income 202,895
Overspend     3,000


Targetted support

In addition to the above, analysis of the Progress data has initiated additional planning this year. For instance, to address the large gap between Disadvantaged and Non-Disadvantaged students in Year 8, (last year’s Year 7,) KCA has embarked on a national project “Closing the Gap”. This will see five members of staff work with other schools on creating a pilot project aimed at boosting the confidence and attainment of a small group of Year 8 Pupil Premium students.

In addition, the requirement for staff to be aware of who in their class is PP has been made more explicit with expectations being laid down that these students will be clearly marked in teacher files. To back this up there has already been a briefing on PP led by a Deputy Headteacher.

A priority place has also been offered to PP students on a Challenger Diploma course run by coaches from MK Dons. This is aimed at increasing confidence amongst these students.

Quotes are also being sought to invest in revision guides for Year 11 PP students.


Pupil Premium Spend 2016-17

KCA Pupil Premium Strategy Review 2018-19