Kempston Challenger Academy | Safeguarding Evening
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Safeguarding Evening

Safeguarding Evening

A third of children say their parents & guardians don’t really know what they get up to online Only half of children that see something online they wish they hadn’t have spoken to a trusted adult about it

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are always keen to ensure the happiness and safety of our children and this includes in the digital world. A lot of our pupils today are engaged with technology in a wide variety of ways. As well as using the internet for education, they also play games, socialise and invest a lot of their personality in the social and ever changing place that is the online world.

Your child is likely to use technology in school and at home. In school we endeavour to provide the skills to navigate the online world and safety is a very important part of that. In order to help parents understand ways in which they can provide the same support at home, we will be facilitating a parent and guardian session on digital safeguarding on 20th February at 6pm.

Please note due to its content this session it is for adults’ ears and eyes only.

This session will be an extremely engaging one hour presentation delivered by an experienced expert on digital safeguarding and child protection from Bedfordshire Police

What are Snapchat, Instagram, Omegele and Oovvoo? How safe are Apps in general? Do I need to monitor them? At what age should I let me child use social media? Why are GTA and COD not suitable games for children? Should my child have a mobile phone? Can my child get past the parental controls I have set? What tricks do online offenders use? These are amongst some points looked at during the session which will also have a specific focus on unwanted contact, cyberbullying and peer to peer self-generated indecent images (sexting).

You protect your child in the offline world – now we can help you do the same online.

We look forward to your attendance

Anna Craddock

Assistant head of Inclusion