Kempston Challenger Academy | Challenger Diploma
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Challenger Diploma

The Challenger Diploma

At KCA students are encouraged to focus on character development and virtues alongside academic development. High performing academic outcomes feature alongside highly motivated citizens with understanding of moral and social values and with the ability to act on them.

The Challenger Diploma is comprised of a bespoke programme for each young person focussed on their own development and in a way that reflects their passions and interests while ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills, attributes and understanding to see how they fit into society and can be instrumental in its security and positive legacy.

All students will achieve regular awards within the Challenger Diploma, whatever age they are at, through practicing and demonstrating character attributes. This will be demonstrated through a series of focussed and planned experiences leading to the evidence of the development of key character attributes.

Levels and Awards

The diploma is delivered at four levels: novice, apprentice, graduate and master and with bronze, silver and gold awards in each category.  This means that students can maintain the diploma activities throughout their school careers and build a personal profile that can be used for applications to secondary schools as well as job and university applications.  The diploma also recognises and accredits qualifications taken outside of school time such as ABRSM music examination grades as well as many others in areas if sport, the arts and many other programmes.

The character virtues will be developed through a wide variety of personal and collective activities undertaken with the purpose of providing the opportunities to practice the virtues, experience the feeling and gain the personal and collective rewards through actions beyond their current experience.

We believe that through engaging in the Challenger Diploma, children and young people develop a desire to learn and a tendency to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, learn from feedback and criticism and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.  As a result they achieve ever-higher levels of achievement and excellence.


The Attributes are divided into four areas; Challenge, Ambition, Motivation and Team work.

There are 12 attributes in the challenge area which include confidence, discipline, loyalty and resilience.  11 in ambition which include curiosity, determination, resourcefulness and strategy.  9 in motivation which include commitment, persistence, pride and service. 12 in team work which include critical thinking, flexibility, judgement and empathy.  

Friday Challenger Diploma Lesson

To encourage greater participation in Challenger Diploma and widen students’ skills, KCA has created a programme that allows all academy students to have a 1 hour a week session in their timetables so that they can develop the different attributes. 

Each Term student’s choose an activity to follow.  With each activity staff have identified 5 key attributes that the student will develop by completing the activity.  At the end of each term the students will have the opportunity to record their achievements and celebrate if they have reached one of the awards. 

Activities offered in these lessons include:

Lego creations


Life skills



Writing the schools newsletter

Computer programming

Confidence building through song

Writing comics



Sudoku and Kenken puzzles

Basic boxing

Duke of Edinburgh

Google arts and culture

Music technology

Foreign Cinema

Craft and create

Creative writing


Working with the site team

Sign Language

Science lab


2016 – 17 Award Winners

Gold award Winners

Carly Thompson
Hannah Meadwell
Kira Davenport
Nikodem Grudziak          
Akeel Raja

Silver Award Winners

Janet Nahimana               
Bogdan Olteanu               
Lewis Jones       
Jassi Kaur            
Samantha Rowkins         
Kamara White  
Ashton Waldrop
Ryan Addison   

Bronze Award Winners

Ella Cresswell    
Kamile Jonaityte              
Leonardo Ivanciu             
Kyra Banghard  
Lillian Housden
Andrew Carr      
Scott Noble       
Kieron Gardner
Santa Kirillova   
Edward Kettle  
Callan Liam
Hannah Bond    
Immy Malik        
Gold Hannah
Mikolaj Grudziak             
Ellie Field            
Sophie Hopkins
Holly Meadwell
Dominika Domel              
Kai Bobel            
Alex Nusica        
Nishchal Shrestha           
Filip Szewera    
Frazer Aulsberry-Fuller
Amandeep Dhadwal      
Shanay Anderson            
Nasima Mahmoudi         
Jack Thorman   
Keon Soares Anderson 
Shivani Ram       
Harrai Singh       
Cory Wilson-Woodcock
Charlotte Waudby          
Connor Templeton         
Kayleigh Rees   
Remus Spiridache           
Qwatisha Payne
Cameron La Rosa             
Kareena Suman
Russell Terrey   
Joe Allison          
Josh Smith