After college and lunch time activities


Extra-curricular clubs Sept 2017

Extra-curricular clubs are an exciting opportunity where students can further their skills in a chosen field, perhaps explore a new skill and make friends at the same time. It has been proven that students who get involved in opportunities on offer are likely to achieve well in their academic studies at school. We would encourage students to get involved as much as possible. If there is something your son or daughter is interested in that is not on offer please contact the School (via the Head of Learning) and we will look to see if it is possible to put on a club in this area of interest.

Please note: We encourage students to attend extra-curricular clubs, however, if a student has a detention on the night of a club, the detention takes priority and they need to attend this over the extra-curricular club or activity.

For further information please contact  any member of the PE Department.

Extra-curricular timetable – Sheet1